am a working actor, singer, director, and teaching artist with an M.F.A. in Acting from The American Repertory Theatre/Moscow Art Theater Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University and have worked and trained around the world and with artists such as Robert Woodruff, Rinde Ekert, and Anne Bogart & SITI Company.  I taught acting at Duke University for 12 years and have been a guest lecturer and director at UNC, Playmakers PATP, NCSU, area high school drama programs, in addition to teaching private voice & speech, movement, and acting classes in China and Thailand for Incubator-China. Singing feeds my other performance desire and I get all-you-can-eat touring and recording with my band, Curtis Eller's American CIrcus. I am also a member of The Wiley Fosters and Tom Merrigan's Hot Raccoons. With these two passions I fortunately get to engage in the other things that get me going: movement/dance, music, and filmmaking. I co-ran Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern in Durham for 15 years.

I'm a fan of the irreverent, crass, and darkly humorous.

I believe in irony, foolishness, jokes, and sentiment used wisely and efficiently.

I believe and teach that performance in any style should be uncannily authentic and that no story is taboo.

I am moved by struggle, pain, redemption, bone-crushing beauty, the clown, the anti-hero, the victories of the flawed human being.


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