I provide intensive or long-term acting, voice/speech, and movement training on a large, small group or one-on-one basis to actors, improv groups,  as well as those who are trying to find ease while speaking or being in front of people. Past clients include: children & adults with speech impediments, gym instructors, corporate executives, musicians, as well as actors. You get a unique experience that has its roots in theater training!



My teaching style is relaxed, warm, and easy with a focus on the student as collaborator in their training. We go to the heart of the problem/desire/goal and work outwards from there. I believe this work is rooted in the whole physical body being the vehicle for the most honest expression and the exercises used reflect that philosophy. A combination of acting, movement, and vocal techniques are used in every session with everyone who works with me.


The techniques and exercises students learn come from a variety of sources: Meisner, Stanislavski, Grotowski, The SITI Company & Viewpoints, , Laban, Butoh, Patsy Rodenburg, Lorna Marshall, The Alexander Technique, Spolin, and Thomas O'Connor to name a few. 


All levels of experience are welcome! I can help you with auditions, scene work and monologues, speech preparation, public speaking, speech impediments, and stage fright.


I believe and teach that performance and presentation in any style should be uncannily authentic. The work you do should feel good. My mantra: If it doesn't feel good, it doesn't look or sound as good as it can.


Many people who have worked with me often ask,  "Was that right?"


I don't believe in 'right' or 'correct'. There is only the feeling of being honest, authentic, genuine.



Private Acting, Voice, or Movement Sessions


$30/hour for students and teachers

**ask about a sliding scale or trade for working artists!

$120 for a bundle of 4 sessions (becomes $30 per session!!)


GROUP INTENSIVES - Voice, Acting, or Movement

Contact me for rates!








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